Water Softener Tank Cleaning Kit



Product Description

Water Softener Anti-Bacterial Cleaner (150ml), Brush and Cloth

Suitable for cleaning sediment build up and disinfecting the inside your Water Softener Salt/Brine tank.

Safe for use in drinking water systems.

Contains Byotrol which kills 99.99% of common germs and provides long lasting disinfection.


Additional information

Weight 0.16 kg

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  • Check how well your softener is working or adjust the softness settings. Simple to use colour change tablet test kit for water hardness levels or YES/NO softness testing.

    Contains 20 tablets.

  • Sturdy but lightweight plastic salt scoop. Its enclosed design helps reduce any spillages. 15cm x 15cm x 22cm approx.

    Avaliable in blue, green, pink, purple and translucent.

  • Pro Softener Mate – Softener Resin Cleaner 113g (4oz)

    Mains water contains natural impurities that can reduce the efficiency of your softener.

    Softener Mate is specially formulated for water softeners to remove limited iron, manganese, silt, metal particles, organic compounds and bio-film build up from inside the resin cylinder of your softener, using a unique blend of environmentally-friendly chemicals.

    This is an USA product and the usage instructions written for larger Water Softeners than the average UK domestic Softener. We recommend you dilute one packet in one litre of warm water, then pour into your salt tank when the salt level is low and start a manual regeneration.

    For larger/commercial Water Softeners, use one packet/diluted in one litre of warm water for every 18kgs of salt capacity (upto 3 packets), and pour directly into the brine well.

    For Block Salt / Twin Tank Softeners, you may need to pour the diluted solution into both Salt tanks and carry out two manual regenerations. Consult your Water Softener manufacturer/supplier before use if in doubt.


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