Rust Out – Resin Cleaner


Pro Rust Out – Softener Resin Cleaner 113g (4oz)


Maintains the performance of Water Softeners on Iron bearing water:

Rust Out softener rust remover chemically removes iron and rust build-up that coats the resin beds and fouls the softener. This iron build-up is not totally removed during normal regeneration of a water softener. Using Rust Out softener rust remover in a water softener will eliminate rust and foreign matter from the resin bed which increases the life of the softener and reduces rust staining on household fixtures and other surfaces. We recommend using the softener rust remover regularly as preventative maintenance to ensure the softening and recharging efficiency of the softener’s resin bed. Additionally, in applications where iron is present you can use our well water formula to fight annoying rust stains.

This is an USA product and the usage instructions written for larger Water Softeners than the average UK domestic Softener. We recommend you dilute one packet in one litre of warm water, then pour into your salt tank when the salt level is low and start a manual regeneration.

For larger/commercial Water Softeners, use one packet/diluted in one litre of warm water for every 18kgs of salt capacity (upto 3 packets), and pour directly into the brine well.

For Block Salt / Twin Tank Softeners, you may need to pour the diluted solution into both Salt tanks and carry out two manual regenerations. Consult your Water Softener manufacturer/supplier before use if in doubt.

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